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Arma 3 Exile: Base Newb

Every few months I check in on the Arma 3 mod Exile. See what has changed and a nice break from other games. This time I decided to show off a bit of the base building. Specifically how walls snap together. May seem like a simple concept, but if you played DayZ mod you will […]

Wonderpod Episode 217

Wonderpod is back to a three man crew. Roger the master of all things virtual boy, joins the cast for this episode. We had an issue with Skype which crashed hard at the end of the show. So just a small solo close to end things. We are doing a live show next week. You […]

Unturned: Three Stooges Edition

Unturned is a free to play game on Steam. One which I have talked about a couple times on Wonderpod. Honestly, about all we got out of this game was this video. For a game made by a sixteen year old its decent, but has a number of issues. Still a fun time and a […]

Epiphany – Shitty Sequels

When I heard there was going to be a new Shadowrun game, I was stoked. I remembered playing the SNES Shadowrun and thinking it was cool, then more recently playing the Genesis version and thinking it was absolutely badass. I couldn’t wait for the new Shadowrun. Then it came out…and I was thoroughly disappointed. Seriously, […]

Wonderpod Episode 95

This weeks Wonderpod started off with a bang. In fact the whole show is a little off format so to speak. Let’s see what the audience thinks of the subtle changes. Mind you we did speak of video games and all things connected with the activity. So that aspect of the show remains the same. […]

Not All Retro Is Awesome – Badlands

Usually when I think laserdisc game with QTE, I think Dragon’s Lair. What I don’t think is cowboy anime with a hyper ass trigger finger and a level of ridiculousness I’ve not seen…well, since ever. You can click on the pic above to see a playthrough to learn more, but allow me to highlight some […]

Gun Sage The Hermit

Well, I have a lot to answer for, so I will attempt to be as quick as possible. As some of you know, my 360 died early this year. A lot of people have asked me why I don’t just get it replaced. Well, this requires a bit of explanation. I WANT a new 360…but […]

Wonderpod Episode 82

Wonderpod is back in town kids with another new episode. The world may rejoice as Pat has returned to the fold. He was in fact kidnapped by a yeti and was forced to challenge him to a round of miniature golf. I am telling you Canada has some cool shit man. Even the wilderness comes […]

Halo CE Anniversary: Game Play

Let’s throw some love to all the Halo fans. I know, me of all people dishing out the halo trailers. Well I have said I will probably pick this up simply to play with the crew. So this video doesn’t really move me one way or the other being the non Halo fan. ┬áSo what […]

Alice: Madness Returns Combat Trailer.

It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S. which means a good time for more videos. This time out I am throwing an Alice combat trailer at you. I like what I am seeing here. got a hammer, a knife and a gun. This game looks weird and wild enough for me to consider when […]