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McGee In: CSGO

What happens when an idiot consumes several adult beverages and has access to video games? Why a video of playing a twitch shooter, that’s what happens. Sadly I am starting to wonder if I was drunk when I edited it as well. Meh, there is no way I am going back and doing it over. […]

McGee In State Of Decay

So I am a little later than I planned posting this. That is what happens when your playing games and having fun. You forget to do constructive things. Anyway, I gave State Of Decay a shot on PC. I seriously doubt I will be doing many videos in the game after this. The story line […]

Wonderpod Episode 118

Another week another Wonderpod. The usual suspects are back for episode 118. This weeks show is talk of video games, game consoles and a little vaudeville thrown in. Listening to this episode is an excellent way to end your week. Now if you’ll excuse the crew, the siren song of the Steam sale is calling.

Halo E3 Trailer

Hey since were mostly a gaming site might as well throw some E3 trailers on the here.  I am not known for being the biggest Halo fan around here and I saw a lot in this trailer I liked. Feel free to tell us what your looking forward to about Halo 4. Get More:, […]

Wonderpod Episode 95

This weeks Wonderpod started off with a bang. In fact the whole show is a little off format so to speak. Let’s see what the audience thinks of the subtle changes. Mind you we did speak of video games and all things connected with the activity. So that aspect of the show remains the same. […]

Biff Zongo: Wishes for a Better World

Fredrik: This is basically me. Every time I try to write something serious, it turns to hookers and heroin after the three first lines. It’s a disorder.

PatMan Picks Retro PC Games: High Octane

Welcome to another PatMan Picks Retro PC games. This time around I am picking one of my favorite racing/action titles on the PC. It was made by the folks at Bullfrog using the same engine that powered the classic Magic Carpet game, which I may or may not talk about another time. The title I […]