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Wonderpod Episode 200

Wonderpod has reached episode 200. We did something new and went all the way live. Normally we sit in a quiet Skype call and record. This show was all over the place. A little normal and a lot of nostalgia. The crew feels good reaching this mark. Warning the audio goes a little crazy from […]

Time For Another Wonderpod Podcast Highlight Reel.

What is going on people? PatMan here with yet another Wonderpod video highlight reel from our recording past. Episode 15 to be exact. I know some of our latest friends are new to the website and also to our Wonderpod Facebook page,  so why not take a look at a short highlight video reel from […]

Wonderpod Episode 65

We have got another exciting episode of Wonderpod for you. This week’s episode is brought to you by, Pentium 4, Paint and the word crash. E3 is really killing us as far as news goes, but we did find topics to talk about and we have a new feature. So let’s see what is behind […]

Wonderpod Highlight Reel.

Welcome once again to another Wonderpod video game podcast highlight reel. This episode, we go back in time as we revisit an episode recorded nearly a year ago where one topic of discussion was Xbox live Gold and if we think its a good value. You can find all past episodes of the show on […]

Serial Killers Are Cool

Look at me mom I can write one day and be lazy the next. Ranting about large people has worn me out.  The truth is I want to get in some more time with Beyond Good and Evil HD. So here is a trailer for Rockstars upcoming title L.A. Noire. Should make Gunsage squeal. Video […]