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Wonderpod Episode 293

Time for a duo Wonderpod. We keep a a note pad file that has notes and ideas for the show each week. This week it was empty. Luckily for you guys Glasenator and I learned from the furry test episode. So nothing quite that crazy. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 271

New week, new Wonderpod. On this episode we follow up on a few topic’s from previous episodes. Hopefully we didn’t wander into dead horse territory. You will have to listen and find out. Enjoy the show!

Wonderpod Episode 268

Some weeks you just want to be silly. Which defines this episode of Wonderpod perfectly. We decide to play a game after a little serious business. Okay so as close to serious business as we ever get. Enjoy the show!

Wonderpod Episode 237

The first Wonderpod of 2015. It feels good to have the show back on the road. We made some changes for the new year. Nothing major, mostly throwing the format completely out the window. We give you details during the episode. Enjoy the show and we will see you next week.

PatMan Plays More Halo 2 Anniversary.

The holidays are upon us and for many people that means time off for relaxation and games! Unfortunately, the opposite applies for me this time of year, however I did get to play a bit more of Halo 2 anniversary in the last week or so and as always, record some highlights. So, sit back […]

PatMan Plays Halo 2 Anniversary Online.

Every single multiplayer map ever created in Halo is available in the Master Chief Collection , including several “PC Exclusive” ones. That is well over 100 maps in total. But in Halo 2 Anniversary,they went one step further and put a new generation coat of paint on 6 of the old classic Halo 2 maps. […]

Wonderpod Episode 233

This week on Wonderpod. Jon is in the host chair for this episode. We cover a nice mix of topics. This show is totally worth a listen. Just like every show before it. Have a great weekend!

PatMan Plays Halo 2 Anniversary

Check out 5 mins of both cinematic and game-play footage as I play the first little bit of Halo 2 Anniversary. The new cinematic cut-scenes are great and the game, although obviously showing its decade old age, is fun as ever. I have not bothered to take it online yet for multiplayer, but you can […]

Wonderpod Episode 185

Two weeks in a row for the three man format on Wonderpod. That is always nice and makes for a fun show. We go a little nostalgic this time around given the circumstances. Should be a fun walk down memory lane for everyone that listens. Next week we are having a special guest. So be […]

Wonderpod Episode 117

Wonderpod is all new and the band is back together. In other words Glasenator is back and all is well. This week we cover mostly questions and topics. Basically catching up after last weeks Mass Effect marathon spoilerfest. On that front this episode is spoiler free as far as I can tell. I should know […]