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Wonderpod Episode 143

Time for a brand new Wonderpod. The second show of the has returned to the ancient ritual of years previous. Meaning there is some ranting, crude humor and a little feel good thrown in. In other words same insanity, new week. Enjoy the show

Smackdown 12/18/12: Live, Commercial Free, Not in Canada. Dicks.

So the WWE thought it would be funny to make me work on a Tuesday. Bastards. Ha ha ha. You happy now, Vince? Jerk. Anyways, the last time we did this Halo 4 came out and a new president was elected. Something tells me that won’t happen tonight. But what did happen TODAY was that […]

Wonderpod Crew Plays Halo 4 ( Part 2)

Glasenator, G & PatMan joined forces yet again over X-BOX Live for more Halo 4 online fun, “Wonderpod style”! And as always by “Wonderpod style”, I mean just having fun together, having a few laughs at random gamers expense and enjoying the game. Sure, early on we kicked some serious ass and won some matches by a […]

Wonderpod Episode 136

This weeks Wonderpod is literally a three topic show. Two of the topics are actually timely and possibly informative. This shocking trend of being on top of things can not continue can it? Also of note, the banner this week is a shout out to the early days of the podcast. The top image is […]

Wonderpod Episode 135

This weeks Wonderpod is awesome. I might be a bit bias in regards to the quality of the podcast. Who cares we worked on our game creation exercise again and Glasenator made awesome art. Seriously the kid is talented as hell. Just look at the banner and all over our site. He can look back […]

Smackdown 11/06/12

Smackdown on Tuesday? Hmm… WWE are you sure you want to do this? You want to go up against the US Presidential Election? You want to go up against the drop day release of Halo 4, one of the most anticipated video games of 2012? Will I even finish this review on Tuesday? All questions […]

Wonderpod Episode 133

This weeks Wonderpod is full of tricks and treats. Okay so mostly tricks, but we had the closest thing to zombie we could find. Namely glasenator on almost no sleep. On top of that we discussed Halloween and scary stuff. Oh yeah and of course those darn old video games

Wonderpod Episode 123

This week on Wonderpod. One of the cast explodes live on air. That is possibly bullshit, but cut me some slack. It’s early and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. In reality we ramble on about video games and video game related matters as we do every week.

Wonderpod Episode 113(E3)

It is E3 time again. We watched the show from our the comfort of our homes. Our hope is to recap the event for those of you that didn’t have time to track down all the press conferences and game trailers. We throw in some of our humor as well. Eighty percent informative and twenty […]

Weekly Spartan Ops Missions Highlight Halo 4 online modes.

If yesterdays Halo 4 trailer and game play footage was not enough to get your space marine excitement level up, then check out the new multiplayer footage.  The video below showcases both the competitive online mode ,now called War Games, and also the new co-op mode, Spartan Ops. I for one am looking forward to both variations of online […]