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PatMan Plays Halo 5.

PatMan is back jack! I have finally finished the single player story in Halo 5. It took a lot longer for me to play this than any other Halo game as video games play a back seat to life these days. While the story was not the best in the Halo series, all the action […]

Wonderpod Episode 275

Wonderpod is ready to roll for another week. It is a two man show this time around. We talk a lot about games we have been playing. Which is a nice change of pace and a sure sign the holiday season is approaching. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!!

PatMan Plays Halo 5 Beta

What is going on people? Its been a while but I am back with another PatMan plays. This time it is footage of me playing the beta for Halo 5. Initially, I found the new abilities and the new scopes to be a bit of a challenge. I did , however, figure out to change […]

PatMan Plays More Halo 2 Anniversary.

The holidays are upon us and for many people that means time off for relaxation and games! Unfortunately, the opposite applies for me this time of year, however I did get to play a bit more of Halo 2 anniversary in the last week or so and as always, record some highlights. So, sit back […]

PatMan Plays Halo 2 Anniversary. Enter The Arbiter.

When I first played Halo 2, back a decade ago, I didn’t really like the idea of playing as one of the “bad guys”, heck as playing as anyone other than the main man 117 himself, to be honest. I didn’t know who or what the Arbiter was, and didn’t care much. But, as the […]

PatMan Plays Halo 2 Anniversary Online.

Every single multiplayer map ever created in Halo is available in the Master Chief Collection , including several “PC Exclusive” ones. That is well over 100 maps in total. But in Halo 2 Anniversary,they went one step further and put a new generation coat of paint on 6 of the old classic Halo 2 maps. […]

PatMan Plays Destiny Beta.

The Destiny beta is now all but over and I was lucky enough to get some time in and enjoy it. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect going in.  I thought the game may not be for someone like me, someone who only plays games, mostly, on the weekend. But it turns out that […]

PatMan Plays Halo : Spartan Assault. Xbox One.

While everyone is relaxing and eating Christmas leftovers today I have recorded yet another  game-play video on my Xbox One. This time around it is footage of Halo Spartan Assault, a $14.99 downloadable twin stick shooter set in the Halo universe. If the name seems familiar that would be because the game was released originally […]

Glasenator & PatMan Play: Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack.

Yesterday the first map pack for Halo 4 was released to the public. Unfortunatly for 343i and Microsoft, to say it didn’t go smoothly would be an understatement. You see the people that pre-ordered the game, months and months ago, were unable to download the map pack with the season pass. If they did, they would be […]