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Wonderpod Episode 228

Time for another Wonderpod. A duo show as you can tell from the fancy banner. The show wandered into a general chat, ramble mode. Always a blast to do this type of episode from time to time. Have a great weekend and enjoy the show!

Crytek Says Next Xbox At E3 2012, Along With Time Splitters 4 !

So, by now we have all had just abut enough E3 news for 2011. Some of you have seen enough trailers, game announcements, twitter comments and “best of moments”. Hell, I am almost fed up with pics of booth babes from E3 2011….ok…. almost I said. So what better for me to do than give […]

Wonderpod Episode 56

Here I sit with an empty page, I need words to magically appear damn it. Cursing the empty page has no effect. I may not be as strong in the force as I thought. If your still here I have an episode of Wonderpod, that much is clear. This week Pat slept through most of […]

My Take On Hackers

I was trawling the internet for podcast news this morning and came across this story.Sony has won a decision in it’s never ending case against hacker George Hotz. While the decision is a little scary, that isn’t why the story caused me to post. I saw a commenter make a claim that I just couldn’t […]