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Wonderpod Episode 198

We are back to a three man crew for this week. Gunsage has scheduling conflicts so he unable to join us for the time being. He will be feeding us questions to answer starting next week. This weeks show is a little games and a little movies. Oh, and an wonderpod classic returns

Wonderpod Episode 190

Time for another episode of Wonderpod. This weeks show is off and on the rails several times. Then again we are not sure the show even has rails or track. Enjoyable show to record and hopefully that translates to a fun listen. See you next week folks.

Wonderpod Episode 153

As the banner implies we got a real mixed bag of topics this week. We talk some gaming, some tech stuff and a bit of sad news. Combine that with our standard rambling and tangents. Stir that all together and you get another fine episode of Wonderpod.

“To Whom It May Concern:” Wii 2 coming in 2012! But, do we need it?

A few days ago, I posted some pics of what ” looked” to be a conference held by the big N to developers concerning the successor to the highly successful Wii, code named project Cafe. The jury is still out on if those pics are legit or just another elaborate internet hoax, but you can […]

Wonderpod Highlight Reel.

Welcome once again to another Wonderpod video game podcast highlight reel. This episode, we go back in time as we revisit an episode recorded nearly a year ago where one topic of discussion was Xbox live Gold and if we think its a good value. You can find all past episodes of the show on […]

Wonderpod Episode 47

Hey there, time for another episode of Wonderpod. Hope your all still around after our holiday break. I am sure you have noticed we are hosted at a new site with the same name. It is the new and permanent home of Wonderpod. No matter what else happens you will always be able to find […]

Power Poll for the week ending 03/24/11

As we enter the final week of hype and promotion leading up to WrestleMania 27, it’s time to see where the Power Poll ranks our beloved wrestlers. It’s been an odd week in wrestling, and much like the past few weeks, there has been lots of movement. While the power poll is a regular feature […]

iMPACT 03/24/11: TNA versus Homefront

Here we are tape-to-air for another installment of TNA iMPACT. Will Jeff Hardy appear tonight? Hell, no. But it gets sillier folks, they are apparently planning on bringing him back later as a babyface. While many people questioned him turning him initially, now people are collectively face palming questioning why he is even employed. But […]

Potassium Iodide Review

I think spring has been kidnapped. It is almost my birthday and we usually have spring by that time. We need to slap it’s picture on milk cartons and throw up fliers around the neighborhood. I hope spring finds it’s way home soon. As you may of already guessed, I am a little tired of […]

This Is Not A Review

It appears my intro from yesterday was a hit. Sure it was one person, but that counts right? Being me, I have been sitting here for thirty minutes trying to create another one. According to the latest data from my brain, I am not that witty. He keeps telling me our flashes of funny are […]