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Impact Wrestling- A pintnoir Review

Welcome back to Knoxville, Tennessee! Home to Impact tonight. We start the show off with a Kurt Angle Promo, he proceeds to call out Roode and  brags about how he will remain the champion. Amidst the boos from Knoxville. Kurt Angle goes to leave but before he completely leaves the ramp he issues another challenge […]

Impact Wrestling: 09/15/11.

Hot off the heels of a terrible turrible pay-per-view, Impact Wrestling returns to the airwaves to torment and torture us all. A few notables to consider coming off of that show, is that Angle retained and Sting is not your new champion. This means the Hogan/Sting debacle that should occur at Bound For Glory will […]

Impact Wrestling 09/01/11

Impact taped two episodes on the road in Huntsville, Alabama, this week. Tonight we will be watching the wrestlers perform outside of the Impact Zone, which should make for a hot crowd… one not as jaded, ignorant, or just those who like to chant nonsense to hear themselves. If nothing else, at least I can […]

Impact Wrestling Review August 25, 2011

It starts with Kurt Angle calling out Crimson who is now wearing a knee brace. Angle compliments Crimson for his courage for standing up for him but then insults him. Promises to end his career. Heel turns It always make sense in TNA. 

Impact Wrestling: 08/18/11

Wow, what a show. In the last little while Impact has managed to defy logic in many ways, from turning Mr. Anderson from face to heel like he’s a bouncing rubber ball… they’ve tossed the championship back and forth, and built up further the feud between Hulk “Can Barely Walk” Hogan and Heath Farley… and […]

Impact Wrestling: 08/11/11

Impact had one of their Steal-A-Views on Sunday, and I’m told it sucked… hard, actually. Nothing notable happened outside of Heath Farley lost his title to Kurt Angle in part to Hulk Hogan tossing a steel chair into the ring while the referee was getting a pretzel from the concessions.

IMPACT Wrestling 8/4/11

I skip this show every week for the past 9 months, then show up at random to review it.  That’s how ThinkSoJoE’s IMPACT review works! Hmm.   What channel is Spike TV again?  Ah, there it is, 895.

Impact Wrestling: 07/28/2011

Whoop dee do. It’s time for Impact Wrestling… remember how the weeks leading up to Destination X were really good shows, and promising that TNA was turning things around? Me neither. Let’s hop to this, I suppose.

Impact Wrestling: 07/21/11

Bah… I’m not doing uber awesome today, or this week post Sunday for that matter. Went a little to hard at the Calgary Stampede, then caught the Money in the Bank PPV later… still feeling it days later. Must be getting old, I suppose, so I should fit right in with the majority of the […]

Impact Wrestling 07/14/11

Hot off the heels of Sunday’s Destination X PPV, Impact Wrestling is set to follow up with something dubbed “A Midsummer’s Nightmare,” or so we’ve been told by Heath Farley last week. For those of you that have already read spoilers… well… let’s just get to this.