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BWF Radio 54

Even within the madness of the holidays, the BWF Radio crew returned on Sunday to discuss the week that was in professional wrestling. The WWE offered up a sleigh-full of content including the stellar TLC PPV and a Tribute to the Troops within their regularly scheduled programming. We saw the returns of people like Ric […]

A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…

The following is a repost of A Celebration of Professional Wrestling: Thank you!. We are about to kick things off again this year in celebration of WrestleMania 28, which occurs on April 1st, 2012… unless of course Vince McMahon is secretly planning on the biggest April Fool’s Day joke ever played on wrestling fans. This […]

BWF Radio Episode 13BWF Radio Episode 13BWF Radio Episode 13

Well, BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 13 is in the books! Technical issues plagued this show at times, starting before we even recorded it. JT, G, and ThinkSoJoE discuss the week in wrestling including Elimination Chamber, RAW, Super Smackdown, the Chris Brown/CM Punk situation, and even this week’s Impact Wrestling! Joe turns the volume down on G […]

BWF Radio 12

Joe, JT, and G are back to discuss the week that was in professional wrestling. Today’s topics include Jesse Sorensen’s injury, Kurt Angle’s Olympic chances, RAW’s bad editing, Impact’s bad booking, and SmackDown’s bad Elimination Chamber sell. We also discuss potential future WrestleMania opponents for The Undertaker, who might possibly attack and replace Santino, and […]

BWF Radio Episode 8

Yes, another week down, and after some confusion about how many of these shows we’ve done, we break down all the wrestling action from the week. Well, most of it. Michael Cole with one of the best lines of the week? Did anybody call Brodus Clay’s Momma? Are we too old to like blindfold matches? […]

BWF Radio Episode 7

I think our theme music ran away crying when Brodus Clay busted out “Somebody Call My Momma” as his theme song. So as such, we don’t have any music this week. Just Joe, JT, G, and Pintnoir talking the finer points of wrestling, such as Brodus Clay in Kane’s lingerie, the effects of cats on […]

BWF Radio Episode 6

The BWF Radio crew are back for the new year with episode 6 of the show. This week we talk Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, the return of Chris Jericho, the reasons why there is so much underutilizd talent in WWE, and we predict TNA’s Genesis Pay Per View. Right click & save the link below […]

BWF Radio 5: BWF Awards 2011

This week on BWF Radio, the crew discuss, as best they can through minor technical issues, the best of 2011, with some surprising results. Pintnoir’s kids take over the tail end of the podcast, unintentionally, to the point where they had to be edited out. We predict tonight’s TLC Pay Per View and what we […]

AIW Absolution 6 Review

This was my first time to watch an AIW show. I started out being very intrigued by all the promos at the beginning. I know some of the wrestlers, but I am not familiar with their characters. This gave me a brief overview. What it reminded me of was the UFC product. Fighter #1 doing […]

Pintnoir’s Impact Wrestling Review 9-29

Here I am to take over the Impact Wrestling review. Boy do I have my work cut out for me. No Barkley or Daffney to assist. Sorry Daff, but the drunk tank you will stay