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Homefront Sequel To Be Made By Crytek.

This was news that I did not expect. Apparently neither did the crew over at CVG. They are reporting that Crytek is set to make the sequel to Homefront.  Considering the first one by Kaos Studio was a bit of a disaster, this news is rather interesting.  Given how well made and received the Crysis […]

Strikeforce-Battle of the Legends: Fedor vs Hendo

After the last event I came to a great realization. I stink at MMA predictions. So I’m trying the exact opposite of what I would choose (the George Costanza method, for you Seinfeld buffs). We’ll see how much better I do. Heavyweight bout: Fedor Emelianenko (31-3, 1 NC) vs. Dan Henderson (27-8) Let’s be honest. […]

Darksiders II trailer

Might as well start the morning off with a trailer video. Every time I write the word video, the old Young Ones have we got a video gag runs through my mind. I doubt you care about that,  but I bet you’ll like this.  Darksiders is getting a sequel and it looks like a new […]

Bioshock Infinite Game play Demo

This video pretty much speaks for itself. I knew the next Bioshock was going to an excellent game just from the early screens. This game play demo from E3 seals the deal for me. I see game play elements from the first two wrapped in a brand new setting, which works for me. Obviously this […]

YuYu Hakusho- A comic book fans musings

As the above title mentions I am a die hard comic book fan. I’ve delved into the recesses of the superhero, horror,thriller, etc genre’s and have been bettered for it. But one genre I seemed to never be able to wade through has been the Manga demographic. Why you may ask? Its because the look […]

UFC Live on Versus-4

UFC has not given us the names on this card. But I think they have given us a card filled with really evenly-matched fights. This will not be a night of “squash matches” to borrow a term from the pro wrestling world. Welterweight bout: Nate Marquardt (31-10-2) vs. Rick Story (13-3) I learned my lesson […]

What The Heck Is “Family Guy Online”?

Found an interesting bit of news this AM  as I was checking out my usual websites and blogs around these fine internets. Apparently, there is some sort of closed beta sing up for something called ” Family Guy Online”. Details are pretty sketchy at the moment aside from an email confirming your in …SOMETHING. The […]

Silent Hill Downpour E3

I have been a casual fan of the Silent Hill series.  The video your about to watch is interesting and it seems like an interesting game.  It appears that you can play Downpour and enjoy it without having to play all the previous titles in the franchise. I am reading that it is scheduled for […]