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iMPACT 03/17/11: St. PatMan’s Day

Coming hot off the heels as possibly the worst PPV of all time, TNA has some problems to deal with. First, Jeff Hardy screwed up again, showing up likely high as a kite and Sting refused to work with him. Second, they gave us a non-finish for the number one contender’s match between Mr. Anderson […]

iMPACT: 03/03/11. This Episode is Going Make My Brain Hemorrhage.

They’ve been hyping this particular episode for a while… there will be a wedding, the result of the ongoing legal issues surrounding ownership of TNA, Angelina from the Jersey Shore, Velvet Sky’s career is on the line… and something else… what was that thing they did last week again… signed the Undertaker? Hmm… no that’s […]

iMPACT 02/24/11: Me being retarded by watching this show continues…

I don’t have an introductory paragraph tonight, just a sentence.

iMPACT 02/17/11: Nut-shots for everyone!

It’s been an intense week in the world of wrestling. It seems pretty unlikely that TNA will be able to come close to topping The Rock’s return to the WWE, but they are coming off the heels of the Turning Point PPV that aired on Sunday. It was an interesting show (I think that’s a […]

iMPACT: 02/10/11

Are you ready for some TNA insanity? Lord knows I’m not, but I never am. Recently we saw a long built storyline around reviving the Main Event Mafia shattered by the WWE resigning both Booker T and Kevin Nash… as a result the second coming of “they” was swerved to be Fortune, plus Scott Steiner, […]