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Wonderpod Episode 175

Wonderpod is ready, willing and able. We got a good mix of topics and discussions this week. A well rounded show with all three casts members present and accounted for. Good thing, given the surprises and shocking revelations we plan to unleash before October. Spoilers: One of us is pregnant. It is possible I have […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Outland Games.

If you were ever a fan of  the downloadable game Monday Night Combat then you should probably check out the iOS title Outland Games. It is set in that same universe and even has a few recognizable characters in it from the XBL Arcade game . Outland Games is a fun little runner with a sense of humor . […]

Wonderpod Episode 134

This week on Wonderpod. Halloween is over, which means the three of us are all hopped up on sugar and running wild. Might not come across in audio to well, just trust us. We discuss video games for the most part, but we couldn’t pass up one piece of super serious business. It kind of […]

Attention Star Wars Nerds

I got a little video for all you Star Wars fans. Interestingly I have no idea how people are going to react. The cynic in me expects rage, but I am prepared to be surprised. I kind of like whats going on here with birds and wars fought amongst the stars. Do you find this […]

WPO reacts to iPhone 5 Announcement

So this morning three of the Wonderpod crew were sitting around watching Apple announce stuff. Obviously the iPhone 5 was the big thing. Being the sarcastic and humorous bunch we are things got a funny and possibly offensive. So in the true spirit of WPO I give you our reaction in screen shots. From that […]

Wonderpod Episode 124

A brand new Wonderpod is ready and covered in gravy. Okay maybe that I was the one covered in gravy while we recorded. Either way we got an awesome show for you this week. Little happy, little sad and even some angry. (imagine that)

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Bullistic Unleashed

Another day, another iPhone game reduced to absolutely free and as usual, only for a limited time. So, do you like Angry Birds but always wished that instead of birds, you could catapult  Bulls across a mall , killing humans in a bloody manner, destroying property and even ” getting busy” with some cows in the process?  Well then, your […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Monster Shooter The Lost Levels.

Welcome back to another  PatMan Picks. This time around I wont be talking classic wrestling or video games of yesteryear but I will be telling you good people about a free app/ game that I have discovered on the iPhone. These deals sometimes only last 24 hours, then the free price tag goes back up to original price, so […]

Angry Birds In Space!

Another Angry Birds game, imagine that. I am sure some of you are groaning already. I admit I was hesitant to download Rovio’s latest installment in the franchise. So any misgivings you have is warranted. Thing is they managed to add enough new features to make this well worth 99 cents.  I find myself quite addicted, just […]

Angry Birds Invasion

Seriously, these guys were everywhere at all three theme parks I went to in the past week.  I didn’t realize how much of a phenomena the game was until I saw more kids that recognized the different colored birds than the Pikachu dolls at the next booth over, crazy.  And no, I was not skilled […]