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PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Robot Rampage

Have you ever had a dream about turning into a giant robot? One who’s only purpose is to destroy buildings, blast tanks with lasers, squash  ground troops and take out tanks? You have? Wow. Because I was kidding and your kind of deranged, really. But that’s OK, because you can now live out those strange dreams in […]

PatMan Plays iPhone games: Aqua Moto 2.

I have finally put my ancient cell phone to rest. It is only because I was offered an absolutely free Iphone 4S by my phone company that I have now fully embraced the technology that I once was not interested in at all. I will fully admit that I quickly became fascinated with all the […]

Attention Lemmings: Apple Needs Your Money

This morning while doing paperwork, I tuned into the Apple rally to see if they were in fact unleashing the iphone 5 on the world. I had a twenty dollar bet going with an apple head buddy of mine on it. I was convinced from the start that it would be another 4 with minor […]