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My Duke Nukem Forever Review

Wonderpod Episode 121

Wonderpod is back in full volume this week. Recording one show using less than stellar equipment, makes you really appreciate a good microphone. This is also one of those episodes with a theme of sorts. When this happens I can assure you it is never planned. If nothing else this weeks show should be much […]

Wonderpod Episode 96

We made it through a show without gunfire. You heard me right, a new episode of Wonderpod and no bullets flying. There was also no explanation for the loud bangs from last weeks show. Must have been aliens or black helicopters. The show is still awesome minus all that and it is ready to go. […]

Words That Need to Die

There are a lot of words used on the internet. Which makes sense as man can not live on cat pictures alone. No matter what the average reddit user might say to the contrary. Yet there are quite a few abused and misused words out there. Some of them need to die in a fire […]

Battlefield Play4Free Rocks?

I am not really sure what to make of this video. On one hand it’s a kind of crappy rock video. On the other it doesn’t really show off Battlefield Play4Free very well. I admit it got my attention while trolling gametrailers this morning. ┬áSo you fine people here in our audience can decide what […]