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The Opposite Of A Gamer Dick

Since the early days of our podcast, we have spent a lot of time complaining about dicks. Gamer dicks to be more specific and less crude. It’s always a good time to trash some jerk on air. I doubt highly we ever shame them, but it’s still good for laughs. The problem is we hardly […]

Unwritten Rules

Today let’s talk about unwritten rules in sports. What are those you ask? Really hard to say in most cases. I mean they aren’t written done anywhere so, it’s like a rule mine field. You’ll never you broke one until it’s to bloody late. If you can’t tell, I hate the concept, everything to do […]

Scruffy: An Introduction

Hey jerks! It’s me, SRD. That means Sugar Ray Dodge. My name comes from a creation in WWF No Mercy’s CAW mode. Great story, huh? I thought so. Anyway, I wanted to remind everybody of my puppet child Scruffy and his kickass YouTube show that was once the greatest feature ever on the Morphine Nation.  […]