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My Duke Nukem Forever Review

Wonderpod 106

Welcome all to an exciting new episode of Wonderpod! Exciting how? Because I said so! Tune in to hear things like…

Wonderpod Episode 80

The latest and greatest episode of Wonderpod is done. Hopefully your not tuning in for any news out of TGS. Because we didn’t cover any of it. Basically we got through three topics and everybody fell a sleep after that. I got an hour or so of snoring caught on tape. Riveting stuff, which luckily […]

Duke Nukem Launch Trailer. Enough Foreplay, Come Get Some !

It looks like the impossible is about to actually happen, thats right Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold and is ready to be shipped globally very soon. ┬áIt truly does feel like its been forever since this games original first mentioning, what, 12 or 13 years ago. A lot has changed in gaming since then […]

Cargo! The Quest For Gravity (impressions)

I’ve always loved weird games. Games that are really out there, like weird dreams and Pyschonauts. I am sure I have forgotten some, but you get the general idea. So today Jim Sterling posted a link on twitter about a game called Cargo! The quest for gravity. The game is developed by ice-pick lodge a […]