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Wonderpod 106

Welcome all to an exciting new episode of Wonderpod! Exciting how? Because I said so! Tune in to hear things like…

Kid Icarus

General Overview Kid Icarus is the epitome of what it means to be an action/adventure title. There are different scrolling stages, newer and newer challenges, status effects, upgrades, lots of interesting items, and an ever-increasing difficulty. Bottom line, if you haven’t tried this title, you’ve seriously missed out on 8 bit action/adventure goodness.

PatMan Picks Retro PC Games. Parsec on the Ti994a.

Thus far, I have been basically picking PC games from 486 and Pentium PCs which I  personally and loosely like to call the DOS era or “golden age” of PC games. The truth is, I had been enjoying video games as a child on personal home computers well before then. So, this time around, its an […]

Swamp Thing and how 80’s comics redefined a genre.

Or how Alan Moore saved this kid from abandoning comics senior year. The year was 2002, 2nd semester, a young impressionable young man was finally calling it quits on Super-hero comics. WHY? you ask. Because after years of sitting around watching as the assorted heroes would rehash the same tired battles, have earth shattering moments […]

RAW Reflections: 11/04/11 – Thank You, Edge.

This is a special edition of the RAW Reflections.  This week, I will not be giving you segment-by-segment commentary on last night’s show.  No, not because it was bad or anything.  It’s just that, there was one thing about last night’s show that overshadows everything else.  In case you hadn’t heard, Edge retired last night.

Retro Post – Toys! Toys! Toys!

Here’s another installment of “Retro” articles by yours truly. This one is a particular favourite of mine as the memories of sitting in my room as a small boy it helps conjour up give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. No, not THAT warm and fuzzy feeling. That one didn’t start happening until I was […]

Wonderpod Episode 52

Two weeks of good recordings in a row. That must mean it is time for Wonderpod. We got another brand spanking new episode for you. The original line up is back together this week. It’s almost like a Beatles reunion. Only this actually happened and we didn’t sing. We did, talk about games and make animals noises

“All I want is Recon Armor”

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the kid here.  Just watch the video and feel my wrath after the jump.