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Candy-Cane Killer Instinct Season 2. PatMan Plays.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. I have been pretty busy with all the Christmas activities that come with the season. However, I did get to play a bit of KI season 2 and check out the holiday costumes.There are a few characters with Christmas themed costumes, however, the only one of interest was […]

PatMan Plays KI. First Day With Spinal !

  As of yesterday, ┬áKiller Instinct has a new fighter for us to enjoy! ┬áSpinal turned out great and was worth the wait. They really did a good job with the new look of this classic KI character and I love how he is laughing insanely as he fights. I recorded the first few fights […]

Wonderpod Episode 159

Time for this week’s Wonderpod. As your humble post scribbler, I suspect you can guess what we talked about this week. We run through everything and anything connected to the Xbox 1 and it’s reveal on Tuesday. Going through this reveal and the reaction was maddening for all of us. We did our best to […]