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MPX Retribution 9-10-11

Well, MPX’s most recent show is in the books. First of all, this had to have been their top-drawing card. I’m not exactly sure what brought the people out tonight: Mike Foxx, Athena, a casket match, the buzz over MPX in general. This is filling up a void in the DFW area for the good, […]

Discount Bin Reviews: The Dark Knight (DVD)

My apologies to the Wonderpod viewership for my lack of posts the last few months, a busy work schedule and a demanding 17 month old just makes me want to relax most evenings and weekends when I have free time. But I digress, here I am to post a review, finally. All the buzz and […]

Strikeforce-Battle of the Legends: Fedor vs Hendo

After the last event I came to a great realization. I stink at MMA predictions. So I’m trying the exact opposite of what I would choose (the George Costanza method, for you Seinfeld buffs). We’ll see how much better I do. Heavyweight bout: Fedor Emelianenko (31-3, 1 NC) vs. Dan Henderson (27-8) Let’s be honest. […]

… And I Feel Fine!

WOAH!  HEY THERE!  It’s a big week for Western Society!  Bookended by two monumental events!  The first being the EIGHT Birthday of Your Favourite Website, TCR Comix!  Yeah, it was May 16th and I’m late, but I’ve been kind of busy.  Busy preparing for the other big event, THE RAPTURE YOU GUYS! May 21st has […]

Smurfs (re-runs)

So back on the old Morphine Nation forums, I did what I thought would be a one off take on “new” episodes of the Smurfs.  I used crappy screen shots of the Smurf’s animated show and then added my own warped text. The original two made  Jim laugh which has always been a proud moment […]

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Ep. 1 Debuts !

MOOOOORRRTAL KOMBAT !  Yeah, I know its been a while since that first MK movie came out, and yeah I also know it kind of sucked. But for some reason I like the darn thing, even with all the cheese it delivered. With the new  and rebooted Mortal Kombat game only days away there is […]

PatMan Plays: Nintendo 3DS AR cards!

What is going on people? PatMan here with another edition of PatMan plays. I noticed that everyone around WPO had taken a much deserved rest today from last weeks big wrestlemania  festivities, so I decided to put a little bit of “filler” in for our viewing audience. I just purchased the Nintendo 3DS today and […]

WWE RAW Reflections: 14/03/2011

-RAW REFLECTIONS!  Snarky wrestling editorializing of televised wrestling the night before, so we can have a laugh later!  Telling you why your opinions on wrestling are WRONG, coupled with jokes!

iMPACT: 02/10/11

Are you ready for some TNA insanity? Lord knows I’m not, but I never am. Recently we saw a long built storyline around reviving the Main Event Mafia shattered by the WWE resigning both Booker T and Kevin Nash… as a result the second coming of “they” was swerved to be Fortune, plus Scott Steiner, […]

Ranting and Raging

Good Wednesday morning to you. Brain is functioning a little better today. So will run through an actual written post. Plus the nostalgia images bombed big time. Silly bastards, just don’t know comedy gold when they see it. Plus most of the those images were the kind that only make me laugh. I tend to […]