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Wonderpod Episode 210

We got a show for you this week. The things we had to do to just to get something on file. First off we added a brand new cast member. Second we had a number of technical issues even getting on Skype. This was not a clean show in any way shape or form. Still […]

Wonderpod Episode 208

Time for the recorded part of this weeks Wonderpod. That’s right we did another live episode. Things went off and on the rails so many times it was like a Donkey Kong level. Don’t let the first sentence fool you. Everything that was in the live show was recorded for posterity. Hopefully not for future […]

Wonderpod Episode 207

Another week, another Wonderpod. One of those weeks where we cover the relevant news and feel dirty doing it. It is amazing to watch people spin the simplest of announcement’s into a class five drama. We do our best to make it entertaining. Join us for a live episode next week.

Wonderpod Episode 199

Wonderpod has rolled into the station at stop 199. We stand on the precipice of our 200th episode. Speaking of that next week we will do the show 100 percent live. Further details on the where and when are coming this Monday. We will hope you join us for the live show. This week we […]

Wonderpod Episode 187

What sorcery is this? A four man Wonderpod two weeks in a row? That is right, we brought back a nice blast from the past for this episode. One that will be back on a semi regular basis in the coming year. It was a riot to record and hopefully a fun show to listen […]

Wonderpod Episode 174

Wonderpod is back for another exciting episode. We are at full power this week. Meaning all three cast members are present and accounted for. Mostly gaming stuff this episode, which I am sure will make some folks smile. Give it a listen and as always let use know what you think in the comments

Wonderpod Episode 147

This weeks Wonderpod covers two major announcements in the world of gaming. The problem was It felt like we were left with more questions than answers. That didn’t stop the Wonderpod crew from creating an interesting discussion out of the mess. Hit the button and will move forward.

Wonderpod Episode 108

This weeks Wonderpod was a challenge. I am pretty convinced at this point, ┬áthat Skype has been possessed by bloody demons. Which dovetails nicely with the ones inside my body at the moment. We carried on as a group and got you a show about video games. We did not talk about Black Ops 2 […]

Wonderpod Episode 88

We got a brand new Wonderpod ready to drop. As always we are talking all thing gaming people. We did forget to mention one item on the show and I would like to do that now. Minecraft the lovely little indie game reached the four million mark in sales last week. We here at Wonderpod […]

Wonderpod Episode 79

Another fine episode of Wonderpod is ready. Your ear holes will burst with joy listening to this fine show. The usual suspects gathered to discuss all things gaming. We also did the standard arcane boxer shorts jokes as well. I am more of a boxer brief man myself, but I doubt that has anything to […]