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Wonderpod Episode 151

This week we take the first step in an expanse of the Wonderpod universe. We talk a little gaming and a lot about movies. There was a little confusion which was my fault and I apologize. There is clarification and the rest of the show is same Wonderpod different topics.

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. One Epic Knight.

“Endless Runners”, or simply put, Temple Run clones seem to be the latest fad on iOS as of late. They are coming out almost every week it seems. And by no┬ásurprise┬áthere is yet another one out now by the name of One Epic Knight. It is free to play and it is my pick for […]

Wonderpod Episode 70

Wonderpod is alive and kicking. I wrote this very late last night, as I am magically far away from the keyboard this morning. We gathered together last night and it felt like a dog days of summer show for me. We talked video games, smurf berries and possibly smurfette.

FPS of the Year – 1998

You might think FPSs get worse from here. Well, that’s just it…there are MORE FPSs released in a given year now since they’ve become super popular, so there’s always the potential for shit…but I think you’ll find something interesting, especially with this year.

FPS of the Year – 1997

Terribly sorry about the delay. I meant to post this yesterday, but…well…my 360 died…AGAIN…and as a result, I also didn’t get L.A. Noire upon its release date. Very sad stuff, but I should be resolving that shortly. In any case, this is yet another big year that houses some of my all-time favorite FPSs. And […]

Adventure Game of the Year – 1993

Adventure Game of the Year – 1993 There are 21 games. This is a huge year for adventure games and if you already know about most of these, you’ll see why this was a ridiculous hard choice to make for top 3.