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Smackdown 01/31/14

Who quits the WWE forever… tonight!?!?!?!??

Smackdown 03/22/13

Oh hey, Smackdown is on again. Do YOU know what that means? YES! I see. Hopping time, then.

BWF Radio Episode 38

Once again we’re back!  ThinkSoJoE, JT, G of the Internet, and returning to BWF Radio, our special guest Wrasslor Monkey discuss this week in professional wrestling!  Did Triple H retire on RAW?  Did the Gut Check Challenge competitor get his contract on IMPACT?  Did Damien Sandow avoid a physical confrontation with Sheamus?  (Answer:  No.)  Who […]

The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania (so they say)The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania (so they say)The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania (so they say)

The following comes to us from ThinkSoJoE over at Bored Wrestling Fan ARRRGGHHHH!  Despite the WWE’s insistence that this is the “25th Anniversary” of WrestleMania, that’s incorrect.  It’s the 25th ANNUAL WrestleMania.  WrestleMania 1 wasn’t the first ANNIVERSARY of WrestleMania, that would’ve been March 31, 1986.  It was the first ANNUAL.  Somebody buy the WWE […]

Random Randomness (WrestleMania 28 Edition)Random Randomness (WrestleMania 28 Edition)Random Randomness (WrestleMania 28 Edition)

The following comes to us from JT over at Bored Wrestling Fan. Wrestlemania 28 Edition: I said that I might make a contribution to Wrestlemania week and here it is. What is it you ask, well the only thing I could think of doing, the Mania before Mania which I’ll be doing Wrestlemaina through the […]

Power Poll 05/14/11

Time for the Power Poll folks! The ratings seem fairly close to the shows rated for last week’s Smackdown and iMPACT (not the episodes that fell on May 13 and 12). Let’s check out our rankings:

Power Poll 6/5/11… or so.

The title will be the only sarcastic line. I’ll keep voting, and look at this is a relative position for a while. And that might be for the best as I roll through the most demanding time of the year for my work. So let’s get positive, and check out the results!

Power Poll for the Week Ending: ???

Well, I’m back. I haven’t given up on the Power Poll, but I am as confused as ever. Rather than rant and rave, as I did that last week, I’ll put it this way: Since it is completely unclear which episodes the voters are voting on, we can assume it includes any, and all of […]

WWE RAW Reflections – 25/04/2011

-WOAH!  HEY!  How’s it going, dudes!  As you probably noticed, I didn’t do a RAW Reflections last week, because it conflicted with a Flyers game, and if you know me, Flyers playoff games trump EVERYTHING.  However, no such problem.  So, consider yourselves lucky!  Oh, and it’s a SPECIAL RAW!  The Monday Night RAW that pops […]

Power Poll for the Week Ending: 4/21/11… apparently…

Sigh, another week of results coming late. And an episode of Smackdown and iMPACT have already aired since the vote cutoff. That makes things confusing, because things happen on those shows that should be relevant to our ranking. But they’re not. Nonetheless, the stats remain semi-relevant.