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Wonderplays: L4D2

Welcome to a new feature we are starting here at the site. Wonderplays is the crew from Wonderpod sitting down to play games for fun. Because playing games and having fun is why we play games in the first place. We did not care about the outcome or length of the video. Hopefully you enjoy […]

Wonderpod Episode 82

Wonderpod is back in town kids with another new episode. The world may rejoice as Pat has returned to the fold. He was in fact kidnapped by a yeti and was forced to challenge him to a round of miniature golf. I am telling you Canada has some cool shit man. Even the wilderness comes […]

All New Dead Island -Tragedy Hits Paradise Trailer

Ok, I will be the first to admit it. Zombies are the most over used creatures in video games as of late. They are in DLC packs where they don’t belong just because Zombies are the latest cool thing we want to shoot on out TV. Zombies pop up in games that make no sense […]