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Wonderpod Episode 151

This week we take the first step in an expanse of the Wonderpod universe. We talk a little gaming and a lot about movies. There was a little confusion which was my fault and I apologize. There is clarification and the rest of the show is same Wonderpod different topics.

Not All Retro Is Awesome – Badlands

Usually when I think laserdisc game with QTE, I think Dragon’s Lair. What I don’t think is cowboy anime with a hyper ass trigger finger and a level of ridiculousness I’ve not seen…well, since ever. You can click on the pic above to see a playthrough to learn more, but allow me to highlight some […]

Official News Bulletin: The Glaserton-Snorigim Transcontinental Railroad has been completed.

Late this evening in the small land of Serverville a milestone has been reached in the development of our world.  The ongoing Transcontinental Railroad project has finally been completed.  The enormous project took upwards of 2 weeks to complete, which is equivalent to around 200 Minecraftonian days for you non block heads out there.  A […]

Sports Games or Game Sports?

Hey I am going to give this writing thing a try. Might as well kill off what little traffic we get from all the stellar game trailers. Okay so I might be joking, but in reality writing does not bring in the hits. Especially if I am the one doing the bloody writing. Well that […]

Two Man Reviews: Stampede Wrestling

Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues! Earlier this year over at Wonderpod-Online, Bruce McGee and PatMan created a new theme of podcast for our site. PatMan and I decided to continue the series with a conversation reminiscing about our experience growing up in Calgary, the “Hart”land of the Stampede Wrestling promotion. What a perfect way […]

DVD Review: Eyes Of The Mothman

I have a confession to make.  I have a slight interest in the Paranormal.  I know, I know, it’s probably a HUGE shock to you, my faithful followers, but I do love the Paranormal.  I own every single DVD set released by Unsolved Mysteries.  I own the entire series of “A Haunting,” including its two […]

Bull For Sale

Good Monday morning to you fine people in Internet land. Feeling like a truck hit me and then backed up to finish the job. Sadly this week will prove to be the busiest one of the new year. Oh well sleep is for the weak and the lazy. Several things are buzzing around my brain […]

Sunday (re)post

It is Sunday, a day of rest for some and a day of hangover for the rest of you. I wrote a series of stories toward the end of my time at the Morphine Nation. They were silly, a bit crazy and above all fun. The hero of the story was a character I created […]