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Through The Wurm Hole (part 6)

For the last few weeks I have honed my hunting skills. In doing so my adeptness with a sword and shield have grown tremendously. I bring more meat into the village than Mickie can easily use in a week. Beyond that, I have continued my study in carpentry and masonry. I find building to be […]

Wonderpod Episode 133

This weeks Wonderpod is full of tricks and treats. Okay so mostly tricks, but we had the closest thing to zombie we could find. Namely glasenator on almost no sleep. On top of that we discussed Halloween and scary stuff. Oh yeah and of course those darn old video games

Wonderpod Episode 104

How would you like a nice new Wonderpod for your long Easter weekend? We got a new one right here for you all. We are back to full steam this week and the show might even have theme. Mind you it’s a semi serious theme, but still fun. It’s the perfect companion for hunting Easter […]