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Wonderpod Agent K Special

Time for another Wonderpod. This time, I sit down with Agent K. Having him on the podcast was a blast. Mostly, because it felt like a conversation we have when playing games. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

McGee On Comics

We have a few guys on staff who have talked about comic books. I love reading the posts they produce, yet never really got into comics myself. So I figured it was time to bore you all to tears with what comics I have read and why I am not a comic book junkie.

Best Of Wonderpod 3

We took the week off. What that means for you is a best of show. If you’re a new listener this will be a good time to jump in. If you have been here from the start, there should be a morsel or two for you as well. This was all slapped together by a […]

Wonderpod Episode 65

We have got another exciting episode of Wonderpod for you. This week’s episode is brought to you by, Pentium 4, Paint and the word crash. E3 is really killing us as far as news goes, but we did find topics to talk about and we have a new feature. So let’s see what is behind […]

Fallout New Vegas Has More DLC

Fallout New Vegas has more DLC for you to purchase and enjoy. My question is, does this Fallout now have more DLC than Fallout 3 did? Either way I was to lazy to write this morning and watching Fallout game play is always entertaining. Enjoy the video from our usually supplier. Tags:, Zion Park […]

Zelda 3D: Now With 2D Trailer

Normally I don’t touch the Nintendo stuff around here. That has clearly been defined as the domain of PatMan and Glasenator. They are the people you see for all things Nintendo.  My original reason for watching this trailer was the 3D/2D thing.  How would footage from a 3D game look in 2D.  Pretty damn good […]

Oh Yeah (WWE All Stars)

In honor of our week of wrestling goodness, I am going to be lazy.  By putting a video up this morning instead of writing something.  WWE All Stars came out on the 29th and I am thinking about buying it. The chance to have some of my favorite wrestlers from the old days in a […]