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Wonderpod Episode 165

Now it’s time for a proper episode of Wonderpod. Not entirely sure what a proper Wonderpod is, but we made one anyway. Show goes on and off the rails like locomotive minus the tracks. The show kind of got hung on one topic and then wandered everywhere. So same crap different week basically.

Wonderpod Episode 164

This week on Wonderpod. We cover two general topics and neither of them are video games. The entire cast enjoyed a change of venue so to speak. I am sure the video game industry will suck us back in sooner or later. Until then its going to be a little bit of everything.

Wonderpod Epsiode 163

This week on Wonderpod. We had intended to not touch video games for at least this weeks episode. This years E3 left us with a bad tasted in our mouth. So talking about something else was the best plan. Then Microsoft had to go and make announcements. Threw a wrench in the plan to say […]

Animal Crossing New Leaf (release date)

Looks like the latest animal crossing game has been given a launch date. The game called Animal Crossing New Leaf is for the 3DS and will release June 9th in North America and June 14th in Europe. Now all the animal crossing lovers can sqeee in unison. I am not allowed to like the game […]