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PatMan Jr. Plays. Kinect Fun Labs !PatMan Jr. Plays. Kinect Fun Labs !PatMan Jr. Plays. Kinect Fun Labs !

 With the birth of PatMan Jr,  PatMan has been a little on the busy side as of late. This means little time for podcasting or posting articles and videos for you people, the  fine Wpod viewers. However today I have an epic post as PatMan Jr is transformed into his FIRST starring roll in a video game, […]

PatMan Picks. Favorite 10 Video Games of 2011.( Part 1)

If you have not listened to our year end episode of wonderpod (91) , you have missed out on a lot of “top games” discussions. We talk about our personal favorites of 2011 including best down loadable games, game audio and overall top 3 for the year. It got me thinking about the games I missed, […]

“Nintendo On”. Remembering The Best Hoax Of Them All.

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation concerning the next console from the big N. Will it have LCD screens that stream HD content from the games we will be playing? Does it have visuals superior to the PS3?  Are there 2 different controllers for 2 different purposes, one for motion controls  and the […]

Wii don’t need a hard drive…again? Wii 2 specs lack HardDrive?

Sources at Kotaku and other web sites such as  are suggesting that the new Nintendo hardware, call it the Wii 2, Project Stream, or Cafe it doesn’t really matter at this point, will NOT have a Hard drive storage solution to match the X-box 360 or the PS3. It is suggested that the Wii 2 […]

Wonderpod Video Game podcast Highlight reel

Welcome to another episode of the Wonderpod Video game highlight reel. This time around its another episode from the past as we discussed the launch of the  iPad and what we thought about it. Now that the iPad 2 is out, it is interesting to see what we thought of the original launch. As always […]