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BWF Radio 54

Even within the madness of the holidays, the BWF Radio crew returned on Sunday to discuss the week that was in professional wrestling. The WWE offered up a sleigh-full of content including the stellar TLC PPV and a Tribute to the Troops within their regularly scheduled programming. We saw the returns of people like Ric […]

UK Sony Vita Launch With Chrisoffmyspace

Our good friend Chris Loyd (Chrisoffmyspace)  recently attended the UK launch of the Sony Vita.  He was kind enough to put together this video for the awesome readers of WPO.  Let me stop yapping and you can watch the video. Thanks for this Chris, the crew here appreciates your hard work. [youtube][/youtube]   

Alice: Madness Returns Combat Trailer.

It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S. which means a good time for more videos. This time out I am throwing an Alice combat trailer at you. I like what I am seeing here. got a hammer, a knife and a gun. This game looks weird and wild enough for me to consider when […]

“Macho Man” Randy Savage Will Be Missed. May 20, 2011.

In a tragic turn of events, Randy Poffo died as a result of what is reported as a heart attack while driving a car. The injuries sustained in a subsequent crash cost the former champion and beloved “Macho Man” Randy Savage his life. He was 58 years old. The following is both further information and […]

Video Tuesday: Broken Alarm

For some bloody reason, my alarm didn’t go off this morning. So I am now an hour behind and not very happy. So another crappy Tuesday for me means funky video for you.  A trailer for the game Alice: Madness Returns, the trailer is slightly twisted. I have been paying a little attention to this […]

Minecraft Madness

I have been playing minecraft off and on since it made it big. It is a fun little sand box game and thanks to the boys at Penny Arcade, the whole world knows about it. In that time I have built many kingdoms, ranging from tiny shacks to my latest monstrosity.  I thought it was high […]