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Through The Wurm Hole (Part 3)

Today the Maria’s expedition returned to the village. Outside of gathering supplies they brought news as well. It appears that several smaller settlements have been destroyed. All of them fairly close to Arcana. Interestingly the man who brought me here returned with the rest. I was finally able to thank him for saving me that […]

Wonderpod Episode 166

This week on Wonderpod. The crew gathered together on a Friday evening and ninety minutes or so later a show was recorded. It is really difficult to think of a clever intro that somehow ties in to this specific episode. In other words we kind of wandered all over the place. Should be an entertaining […]

A Tired Mind Speaks

Yesterday at work I believe solved the problem of do nothing career politicians in American government. The process is simple instead these silly elections we just make it like jury duty. That’s right select people at random to go run the country for say ten days. We would only pay them a small fee so […]