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Ignoring The Industry Vs. Believing The Hype

An epiphany struck me just a moment ago. I haven’t had an X Box 360 for over a year now. I really want to get another one, as there are many 360 games still on my shelf and many others that have come out in my absence I want to play, but I also realized […]

Who’s Next?-UFC Edition

The following is simply my opinion. I welcome any comment below. Recently, in my opinion, the world of MMA has hit an impasse. They have hit an area of stagnation with their stars. For a long time, we were very lucky in the MMA world. We had some huge names at the top of our […]

Wonderpod Episode 65

We have got another exciting episode of Wonderpod for you. This week’s episode is brought to you by, Pentium 4, Paint and the word crash. E3 is really killing us as far as news goes, but we did find topics to talk about and we have a new feature. So let’s see what is behind […]