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Minecraft Cribs

Way back in the early days I did a sad little video series. It was called the minecraft road trip and it consisted of screen shots. What your about to witness is an actual video, Vivian would be proud.  I have no clue if it’s better than the old series. I just know it’s not bloody screen […]

Homefront Sequel To Be Made By Crytek.

This was news that I did not expect. Apparently neither did the crew over at CVG. They are reporting that Crytek is set to make the sequel to Homefront.  Considering the first one by Kaos Studio was a bit of a disaster, this news is rather interesting.  Given how well made and received the Crysis […]

Alice: Madness Returns Combat Trailer.

It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S. which means a good time for more videos. This time out I am throwing an Alice combat trailer at you. I like what I am seeing here. got a hammer, a knife and a gun. This game looks weird and wild enough for me to consider when […]