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Wonderpod Episode 115

It’s Friday, time for a brand new Wonderpod. This week we go from a trio to a daring duo. Glasenator is out on the road selling Amway. Last we heard he was in Vegas trying to sell laundry detergent to the mob. We got a one of the more laid back and mellow shows for […]

Wonderpod Episode 112

This weeks Wonderpod is a day late due to random acts of the cable company. That said this show was a nice laid back affair. It’s a lot of what we’ve been playing with a pinch of pre E3 discussion. It’s one of those shows that was kind of thrown together and works really well […]

Wonderpod Episode 107

This week on Wonderpod. Most of the crew has returned from the hinter lands for this weeks show. We gave Glasenator the week off and a medal of freedom. Gunsage filled his slot in the show and as you might guess we talked video games. On a related note Skype needs to really stop hanging […]

Wonderpod Episode 102

Wonderpod is now two years old. Essentially, that means nothing short of a cease and desist or restraining order will stop us now. This week the regular crew returns to action. Glasenator is now a roving podcaster and I find that awesome. Other than that new feature the show is pretty much back to form.