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McGee In WOW: Ten years Later

The World of Warcraft will turn ten years old in November. I would love to tell you the timing of my actions had everything to do with that fact. In reality, it was just an interesting coincidence. I have always struggled with this particular MMO from its launch until just very recently. The video covers […]

Why I’m Hopping Mad

I’m veering off topic a little tonight. Usually I talk MMA or wrestling, but tonight I’m going to rant a little bit of what’s on my mind. I hope you all enjoy. I have thousands of reasons to celebrate. It’s my daughter’s second birthday. (Love you, Baby Girl!) Father’s Day is a week away. We’re […]

Brad Jones talks “Hooker with a Heart of Gold”

Having run across an earlier interview for Punk globe, I was shocked to see you live out in Springfield, Illinois, being from the Moline/East Moline area of the Quad Cities myself; I have to know how it was to film out there? Filming movies like I do is a billion times easier to do in […]

Cargo Mine Jinx

I had this whole paragraph written about the internet and it’s hive mind like qualities. I edited three times and hated the way it read back each time. So I have scrapped it in favor of a much shorter and sweeter message. Never be afraid to voice your own opinion even if it’s contrary to […]

Proximity Twitter

Hello there twitter, I am writing this specifically for the blurb that goes out with our RSS feed. As I have stated in the past I hate writing introductions for these posts. I don’t want to jump right into whats on my mind. I still have to make sure the intro makes some sense for […]

My FPS Philosophy

Most of you reading this fine blog, have heard me complain about faux elite players. Tools who are more interested in kills than they are in being a good teammate. In my mind it takes more than just killing other players to make a good well rounded teammate. Some of you may be thinking that […]