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Smackdown 09/06/13

Hey, it’s Smackdown again. You’d think it’s been a week or something… slowly drifting into slumber… Oh man, I hope we get this on tonight’s episode!

Smackdown 08/30/13

Preamble is cut due to time. I had to work late… work rate? You know what time it is…

WrestleMania XXVIIWrestleMania XXVIIWrestleMania XXVII

Finally, the day is upon us. April 1, 2012. John Cena vs. The Rock in the main event of WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami, Florida. But, how did we get to this monumental main event? We’ll set the DeLorean for April 3, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia, where The Rock was the guest host for WrestleMania XXVII. […]

WrestleMania XXVIWrestleMania XXVIWrestleMania XXVI

The following comes to us from ThinkSoJoE over at Bored Wrestling Fan This is day seven of WrestleMania week!  We’ll conclude tomorrow afternoon with a review of WrestleMania XXVII and a special pre-game edition of BWF Radio, but for right now, we’re heading to Glendale, Arizona for a look back at WrestleMania XXVI.  A bit […]

Random Randomness (WrestleMania 28 Edition)Random Randomness (WrestleMania 28 Edition)Random Randomness (WrestleMania 28 Edition)

The following comes to us from JT over at Bored Wrestling Fan. Wrestlemania 28 Edition: I said that I might make a contribution to Wrestlemania week and here it is. What is it you ask, well the only thing I could think of doing, the Mania before Mania which I’ll be doing Wrestlemaina through the […]

Bored Wrestling Fan Podcast: Survivor Series Discussion

Being the author of this article, it comes as no surprise I am involved. Yep, WPO crew… it’s another one of those podcast things, this one talking wrestling. There’s also a super special announcement for the site somewhere within the recording. Just like the nWo had the Wolfpac (they were terrible at spelling in the […]

Power Poll 6/5/11… or so.

The title will be the only sarcastic line. I’ll keep voting, and look at this is a relative position for a while. And that might be for the best as I roll through the most demanding time of the year for my work. So let’s get positive, and check out the results!

Power Poll for the Week Ending: ???

Well, I’m back. I haven’t given up on the Power Poll, but I am as confused as ever. Rather than rant and rave, as I did that last week, I’ll put it this way: Since it is completely unclear which episodes the voters are voting on, we can assume it includes any, and all of […]

Power Poll for the Week Ending: 4/21/11… apparently…

Sigh, another week of results coming late. And an episode of Smackdown and iMPACT have already aired since the vote cutoff. That makes things confusing, because things happen on those shows that should be relevant to our ranking. But they’re not. Nonetheless, the stats remain semi-relevant.