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Smackdown 10/05/12: Turkey Day Weekend (unless you’re wrong)

As the world turns it’s attention to Big Bird, and MLB playoffs, or the accurate celebration of Thanksgiving, the WWE is a busy beaver. RAW went head to head with a huge NFL game. The debuting Main Event program in the US market would contend with Presidential Debates and Triple Crown feats. What a great […]

Unwritten Rules

Today let’s talk about unwritten rules in sports. What are those you ask? Really hard to say in most cases. I mean they aren’t written done anywhere so, it’s like a rule mine field. You’ll never you broke one until it’s to bloody late. If you can’t tell, I hate the concept, everything to do […]

Shooting The Messenger

The time has come for yours truly to branch out a little. Wonderpod-Online was always intended to be a catch all site, on top of home to the podcast. Each member of our staff knows they are welcome to write about whatever makes them happy. I never take advantage of this fact and it annoys […]

My Introduction Here

Hi, everybody. I just wanted to introduce who I am. I’m Justin, a husband, father, Texan and lots of other things. I love wrestling: WWE, AAA, ROH, indies, etc. I also love MMA and write about UFC, Strikeforce, whatever else I can get my hands on. I also love sports of all kinds: MLB (HUGE […]