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Get Off My Lawn: Gaming Slump

Man this video almost sent me into a slump. First it was fifteen minutes and went on to many tangents. Then it was 10 minutes but my mic picked up some jackass daring to mow his lawn. Finally I scrapped all that and went with what you see here. In the end I am glad […]

Get Off My Lawn: (Wurm Dilemma)

I have played Wurm Online for over three years. Recently my feelings have changed about the game. A big reason for that is the release last year of Wurm Unlimited. So I hashed out my feelings on video. Enjoy it guys!!

Get Off My Lawn: ( Black Desert Online)

It is time to discuss the player trade restriction’s in Black Desert Online. I also tangent into PTW again. If nothing else I feel better after getting this off my chest. Enjoy the video and feel free to comment!

Wonderpod Episode 284

Time for a two man Wonderpod. We wander over a bunch of topics with one blending into the next. We recognize that has been a trend lately. They are just so much fun to do this way. Until we hear complaints there is no reason for us to stop. So enjoy the show and have […]

Wonderpod Episode 269

Time for another Wonderpod. This week a mix of ranting with mad love for a new game. Almost a throw back episode. Next week we will be live on Twitch. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Second Look: ArcheAge

I have talked a lot lately about second chances when it comes to video games. It was with that in mind that I installed Archeage for a second time. I cover what I like and don’t like in the video. So no sense repeating myself here in text. Enjoy the video and feel free to […]

Story Complete. PatMan Plays Destiny.

The long weekend is here for us in Canada so, hopefully in-between stuffing my face with Turkey and Ham I will have time for some Destiny. I have completed the ” Story ” part of the game at level 20. While its highly rumored that much of the story was actually changed and taken out […]

MMO Dorking: Archeage

Today I bring you a quick video clip from the MMO Archeage. Here in North America the game is still in alpha. As I said on the last episode of Wonderpod, I bought into the game to be able to play it now. These are just two of the many boats players can obtain in […]

Wonderpod Episode 197

Wonderpod is all new this week. I have no clue how to condense this episode into a short introduction. Things started off wrong and just went wild from there. There is a chunk of this show that is going into a top-secret storage bunker. Stored between the arc of the covenant and Half-life 3. We […]

MMO Dorking (Dragons Prophet)

Time for another random MMO video. Dragons Prophet from SOE is a free to play game. Like Star Wars it took me a couple runs to get interested in the game. Oh who am I kidding, any game that lets you ride a dragon in the first twenty minutes is awesome. Seriously, no waiting to […]