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Get Off My Lawn: Gaming Slump

Man this video almost sent me into a slump. First it was fifteen minutes and went on to many tangents. Then it was 10 minutes but my mic picked up some jackass daring to mow his lawn. Finally I scrapped all that and went with what you see here. In the end I am glad […]

Get Off My Lawn: ( Black Desert Online)

It is time to discuss the player trade restriction’s in Black Desert Online. I also tangent into PTW again. If nothing else I feel better after getting this off my chest. Enjoy the video and feel free to comment!

Chrome Games 2 (Zombie Pandemic)

Time for the second installment in my Chrome game’s series. This week I bring you a game called Zombie Pandemic. I know what most of you are already thinking “ Oh sweet flaming mother Mary in a side car, not another zombie game!”. Trust me at first I was thinking the exact same thing. Then […]