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Wonderpod Episode 295

Wonderpod is a daring duo again this week. We cover lots of fresh topics along with one from last week. It carried over to give it the proper discussion time. We also dropped some information concerning the podcast itself. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 282

Here we go again. This week on Wonderpod we get a bit mechanical. By that we discuss concepts and theories behind current trends in gaming. An episode like this is a nice depature for us. So enjoy the show and let us know what you think. Have a great weekend people!

Wonderpod Episode 280

Time for the first Wonderpod of 2016. This is probably the easiest show we do all year. We had three weeks to prepare. That does help. We even dip back into last year for a certain movie. So enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 228

Time for another Wonderpod. A duo show as you can tell from the fancy banner. The show wandered into a general chat, ramble mode. Always a blast to do this type of episode from time to time. Have a great weekend and enjoy the show!

Wonderpod Episode 218

A wild and wonderful Wonderpod this week. The regular trio is back in the saddle this time. The show was also broadcast live on Mixlr. Lots of comics talk with some gaming news. We will do another live event next month. Be sure to join us then.

Wonderpod Episode 191

This week the crew at Wonderpod hammered out another episode. Basically a two topic show this week. In fact we might have been able to swing an entire show out of either of the topics. One of which we may have to dedicate an entire episode to some day. Give it a listen and have […]

Wonderpod Episode 157

This weeks Wonderpod was almost wrecked by forces beyond our control. Namely my ISP being losing a fiber optic cable to a knuckle head with a backhoe. Luckily my connection was restored a mere forty five minutes before we were supposed to record. Feels good to finally have some luck thrown our way for once. […]

B games are dead (again)

Ubisoft has always been known for making brash statements. Whether you agree or don’t agree, they get people talking. Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat has been the source for many of them. In fact by my calculations this is the third or fourth time he has talked about the end of B level games. The […]

Wonderpod Episode 153

As the banner implies we got a real mixed bag of topics this week. We talk some gaming, some tech stuff and a bit of sad news. Combine that with our standard rambling and tangents. Stir that all together and you get another fine episode of Wonderpod.

Wonderpod Episode 148

We got a brand new Wonderpod for you listening pleasure. This weeks show is all 100% fun and games. Literally we talked about games for a bit and then played one. We hope you all enjoy the change of pace