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Ark Adventure: Going Rogue

We are still rocking out on our modded Ark Survival Evolved server. This video started with me watching the new mod toys. It ended with me killing a member of the tribe. All in and all a typical day in Ark. There is a second video that shows more of the cool mods. That is […]

Wonderpod Episode 258

Wonderpod is on clean up duty. Which means we are still discussing things we learned from E3. Along with other topics and general banter. Enjoy the show guys!

Wonderpod Episode 253

Wonderpod is another two man affair this week. Glasenator has returned and we will be back to the normal trio next week. Until then enjoy our chat and have a great weekend!

McGee In: Skyrim

There are times you just want to play games for fun and no other reason. When that happens doing videos takes a back seat. Which is fine if you plan for it. Throw in a dash of real life chores and you get a video like this. Enjoy!

Wonderpod Agent K Special

Time for another Wonderpod. This time, I sit down with Agent K. Having him on the podcast was a blast. Mostly, because it felt like a conversation we have when playing games. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 252

We are back to a trio. Which is as normal as a new episode of Wonderpod gets. A lot of news this week with meat to it. Always makes for fun times. Enjoy the show people!

Wonderpod Episode 251

Wonderpod rolls on for another week. Glasenator had a prior commitment. So two man show activate! Mostly gaming with a little TV talk. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 250

Time for episode two hundred and fifty. First off we had some technical issues with the call. Hopefully we got it cleaned up in editing. Personally it use to drive me nuts when this happened. These days we all realize shit happens some times. Enjoy the show and thank you for listening!

McGee in: Modded Minecraft EP 5

Time for more Minecraft. I added some mods for this episode. I may flip back and forth for future episodes. Really all depends on what I am in the mood for. Enjoy the video guys!