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Biff Zongo: Gorgo the Go-Go Dancer

Fredrik: This is one of my weirdest stories ever. “What the hell is this? This is not even an idea!” I said to myself. I thought that Jan would not like it, but it turned out that it was one of his favourite things to draw. That really makes him the weird guy. I mean […]

Silent Hill Downpour E3

I have been a casual fan of the Silent Hill series.  The video your about to watch is interesting and it seems like an interesting game.  It appears that you can play Downpour and enjoy it without having to play all the previous titles in the franchise. I am reading that it is scheduled for […]

Discount Bin Reviews: Jennifer’s Body (DVD)

As it turns out with a great number of my reviews, I end up reviewing movies, games, etc that I have personally picked out, purchased or rented. And as a habit I usually choose to spend my money on things I’m fairly certain I will like. Sort of like when I choose food from a […]

FPS of the Year – 1993

While it is going to be fairly obvious who takes home the gold this year, this was the first year to actually have a lot of FPS titles, many of which are…well, at least passable. Okay, no, there wasn’t anything mind blowing this year, but it was still a decent year, all things considered. With […]