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Wonderpod Episode 223

We switch it up this week on Wonderpod. We sit down and start brain storming on creating our own game. Long time listeners of the show will know, we have done this once before. What makes this different is we actually plan to create this game. We give you a ton of details during the […]

Wonderpod Episode 158

This week’s Wonderpod wanders all over the map. To the point that I am not even sure how to describe it in the show post ramble. It all has a video game theme, but we delve into some deeper topics. While bringing back topics from the previous weeks shows. We even have a drive by […]

Wonderpod Episode 142

Wonderpod is back for 2013 you beautiful bastards. This weeks show will fall under the category of getting back in step again. In other words an entire show of what we’ve been playing with some discussions thrown in. Next week will be different of that much you can be sure.

Minecraft 1.2 First Look: Jungle Biome

The Minecraft 1.2 update is live and ready for download. So I dropped everything I was doing and got the game all patched up. Then I shot a quick video showing off some of the features I found.  I will have more on this update as I get time. Now I had better pick back […]

Medal Of Honor Sequel News

I was one of the few who really enjoyed the Medal of Honor reboot. I liked the fact that it didn’t have a traditional story and just dropped you into the daily chaos of a special forces solider. I admit that it wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped. The originally WWII MOH was one […]

Dead Island: Game Play Walkthrough

I found a new trailer for the game Dead Island. I am thinking this will be far more enjoyable than my normal morning routine. Plus what I had written for this morning sucked. I am talking blows goats levels of sucked.  Okay so maybe that is a normal thing, but I saw this over at […]