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Reviewing the Audience

I see the Mass Affect nonsense has now spawned a few more articles on games journalism. Questioning how reviewers can give ME3 such high scores, when the ending sucked harder than a level one rogue wearing tap shoes. As fun as it would be join the vapid chorus spotting nonsense about reviewers blowing corporate overlords. […]

Wonderpod Episode 97

This week’s Wonderpod is a festival of ranting. It was said during the show, but let’s say it again here. This was an angry episode. Even Jon who is never angry managed a pirate like arrr or two. There is no way to gauge whether there is more cursing this week than usual. Let’s just […]

Slapping EA Around One More Time

This morning while trawling the internet for podcast resources. I came upon the sales numbers for the first week of Battlefield 3. The game has sold five million copies and shipped 10 million total. That is a pretty damn good amount for any video game in any time period. The problem is, it won’t matter […]

Attention Lemmings: Apple Needs Your Money

This morning while doing paperwork, I tuned into the Apple rally to see if they were in fact unleashing the iphone 5 on the world. I had a twenty dollar bet going with an apple head buddy of mine on it. I was convinced from the start that it would be another 4 with minor […]

Smurfs Episode 3

Always invest in a back up or second hard drive people. If I had not done that, there would be no more smurfs for you. Well no more of the old ones that I created prior to the birth of this site. ┬áSpeaking of that, I wonder how many of you will get what I […]

Wonderpod Episode 64

Due to the possibility that the world ends tomorrow this could be the final Wonderpod. More than likely we will be here next week, Unless Jesus takes the internet with him, and then we are probably screwed. The show would have been up sooner, but I hated the banner I made late last night. This […]

Wonderpod Episode 60

Wonderpod 60 is here and just as wild as ever. Nothing could stop this show from happening. There was a virus, a giant can of red paint and poor PatMan was last seen on a milk carton. None of that slowed us down, although it may have had its influence on some things. We got […]

Minecraft Baseball

I know you are all tired of hearing me talking about being sick. Good news on that front, I am pretty sure I died last night. I am now one of Audiomaster G’s favorite people. In other words a zombie, that is the only explanation I have for my continued animation. Even better news I […]

Dookie Calls

Thursday the day we record a podcast. I suppose it should be known as the day we attempt to record podcast. Tonight will be our second attempt at recording episode 50. After sitting down with Audiomaster G last night I am 95% sure we will get it done this time. 5% chance of failure is […]