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Smurfs (re-runs)

So back on the old Morphine Nation forums, I did what I thought would be a one off take on “new” episodes of the Smurfs.  I used crappy screen shots of the Smurf’s animated show and then added my own warped text. The original two made  Jim laugh which has always been a proud moment […]

Monday Richard

I am just far to stupid this morning to write anything. So I am going to let my buddy Richard take over for me this morning. If your not familiar with Richards work then you need to be reading Looking for Group. One of my favorite comics and Richard is a big reason why. I […]

One For The G Family

If you aren’t aware by now, the various G’s love zombies.  The entire G family hopes to one day be  a part of the zombie apocalypse. The of course want to be on the human team.  It is with that in mind that I share this gem of a comic. I did this back in 07 […]

Nostalgia Trip

Stress is making my brain vomit. So in an effort to get something up I am going to do a nostalgia image post. Almost as crappy as list post, but with my brain broken it’s better than nothing. Most of the images you will see come from the original Morphine Nation forums. Lets say between […]

Scruffy: An Introduction

Hey jerks! It’s me, SRD. That means Sugar Ray Dodge. My name comes from a creation in WWF No Mercy’s CAW mode. Great story, huh? I thought so. Anyway, I wanted to remind everybody of my puppet child Scruffy and his kickass YouTube show that was once the greatest feature ever on the Morphine Nation.  […]

Sunday (re)post

It is Sunday, a day of rest for some and a day of hangover for the rest of you. I wrote a series of stories toward the end of my time at the Morphine Nation. They were silly, a bit crazy and above all fun. The hero of the story was a character I created […]