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Wonderpod Episode 242

This week on Wonderpod. It might be the strangest episode of the show to date. We had nothing to talk about and that is always dangerous. Combine that with a slight technical snafu and it got wild. Give it a listen and let us know how it went.

Wonderpod(Thanksgiving EP)

This weeks Wonderpod is a little different. Instead of the usual show I sat down with Chris Loyd for a chat. No set topics just the two of us talking about whatever came to mind. As usual I probably talked way to much. It was awesome to be able to sit down with Chris at […]

Wonderpod Episode 190

Time for another episode of Wonderpod. This weeks show is off and on the rails several times. Then again we are not sure the show even has rails or track. Enjoyable show to record and hopefully that translates to a fun listen. See you next week folks.

Wonderpod Episode 150

This week Wonderpod has reach a 150 episodes. A milestone to be sure and with it comes some changes. We do mark the occasion with a little celebration. Then move into what we have in store for the listeners in the future. Some things will change, but for the most part it will be the […]

Wonderpod Episode 149

This weeks Wonderpod looked like a mess on paper. The good news is the crew is amazing and we pulled together a stellar show for you. Some weeks just running one hundred miles and hour and recording it all works the best of all. Enjoy the show and have a good weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 117

Wonderpod is all new and the band is back together. In other words Glasenator is back and all is well. This week we cover mostly questions and topics. Basically catching up after last weeks Mass Effect marathon spoilerfest. On that front this episode is spoiler free as far as I can tell. I should know […]

Discount Bin Reviews: Watchmen (DVD)

Watchmen co-creator Alan Moore has a history of distancing himself from any film adaptation of his comic book creations. From the completely bloated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to the controversial V for Vendetta, the quality of the movies based on Moore’s writing have been very hit or miss despite their critically renowned source material. In […]

Discount Bin Reviews: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (DVD)

As a boy growing up in the mid-1980’s, the prospect of a live action Transformers movie would probably have made my head explode. Sure, there was the animated feature Transformers: The Movie, and while entertaining it was more like an extended episode that served to introduce a new slate of characters for the TV series […]

New Green Lantern Wonder-Con footage looks hot!

Check out some of the latest wonder-con footage for the upcoming DC Universe movie, Green lantern. Althought not one of my favorite superheros personally, the footage you are about to watch has me definatly convinced to go check out the film when it releases in theaters.  So, for all the big Green Lantern fans out […]