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PatMan Plays Killer Instinct Season 2.

Season 2 of Killer Instinct is starting out with 2 familiar names, TJ Combo and Maya. I have to admit that season one was absolutely great. Maybe a little “too great” for season 2 to “wow” me this time around. Many of the big name characters have already been released in season 1 and also […]

Blast Corps

General Overview Save the world from utter, total annihilation by destroying absolutely every goddamn thing in the path of a truck that’s gone out of control and whatever the hell else you’d like as well…wait a minute…

FPS of the Year – 2000

It’s good to be back! Where have I gone? Well, ah, nowhere, BUT THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT! It’s time for another GoTY and we’re going to kick it back off with FPS of the Year 21st century! Now this time there won’t be movies this time unless you click on the pictures (where I can find […]

Patman Picks N64 Favorites. Turok Dinosaur Hunter.

There was nothing like that surprising first time that a Raptor came running out of the fog at us. We panicked. We switched from our knife to our pistol and hoped we had the time to shoot it dead as it ran in and attacked. Then many of us said out loud , ” That […]

PatMan Picks: N64 Classics. Wave Race

Many younger gamers don’t understand how truly revolutionary and important the N64 was in the history of video games. While games such as Star Fox back on the SNES may have bravely attempted to use polygons in video games, it was a completely on rails game experience and in a world with no textures. It […]

RPG of the Year – 2001

Back by popular demand that I just happened to find under the sofa, I present yet another GoTY article! This was a tough year. I mean, REALLY tough. It’s bad when you’ve played half the games on the list and LOVED them. Yeah, THAT bad. Anyway, after some deliberation, I think I’ve come up with […]