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Attention Star Wars Nerds

I got a little video for all you Star Wars fans. Interestingly I have no idea how people are going to react. The cynic in me expects rage, but I am prepared to be surprised. I kind of like whats going on here with birds and wars fought amongst the stars. Do you find this […]

McGee On Comics

We have a few guys on staff who have talked about comic books. I love reading the posts they produce, yet never really got into comics myself. So I figured it was time to bore you all to tears with what comics I have read and why I am not a comic book junkie.

No Time For News

Well I got PC problems and work problems this morning. Nothing I can’t handle, but it doesn’t leave me time for a news post. So in honor of the two RPG nerds running around here have an Elder Scrolls Skryim trailer. This one shows in game footage and everything. Plus I keep my streak alive.