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Watch 20 Mins Of Dead Island Gameplay And You May Be Hooked.

A couple days ago a video with 20 Mins of uninterrupted gameplay for Dead Island surfaced on youtube. While much of this game play has been seen in one form or another , usually with developers talking over the action, this time around its a uninterrupted preview of what to expect when the game ships. […]

“Nintendo On”. Remembering The Best Hoax Of Them All.

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation concerning the next console from the big N. Will it have LCD screens that stream HD content from the games we will be playing? Does it have visuals superior to the PS3?  Are there 2 different controllers for 2 different purposes, one for motion controls  and the […]

Zelda OoT 3DS Opening Movie & Mario Kart 3DS coming in 2011!

Hot on the heels of Nintendo announcing to the world what we already probably knew, the successor to the Wii will be coming to e3, comes even more good news for Nintendo fans! The highly anticipated Mario Kart 3DS has been given a 2011 release window which is great news for us game starved 3DS […]

PatMan Picks : Weekend 3DS QR Codes !

Another relaxing Saturday is upon us and I hope that some of you will be playing a lot of video games today. There is a lot to do, the GOW3 beta is upon many of us and the 3DS is still fresh in some players hands.  Several days ago I posted the QR codes for […]