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Wonderpod Episode 208

Time for the recorded part of this weeks Wonderpod. That’s right we did another live episode. Things went off and on the rails so many times it was like a Donkey Kong level. Don’t let the first sentence fool you. Everything that was in the live show was recorded for posterity. Hopefully not for future […]

Wonderpod Episode 195

Three dude’s recording in a canoe. Okay so that didn’t happen on this week’s Wonderpod, but wouldn’t it be cool. We gathered together last night and banged out a brand new episode. The internet gods were with us this week. So everything is back to as normal as we get.

MMO Dorking (SWTOR)

This weekend I spent a decent amount of time playing two different MMO’s. One was Star Wars The Old Republic and the other was Dragons Prophet. This video comes from SWTOR and gives you a brief look at combat and mission running. I even through in a little of the cut scene stuff from when […]

Wonderpod Episode 151

This week we take the first step in an expanse of the Wonderpod universe. We talk a little gaming and a lot about movies. There was a little confusion which was my fault and I apologize. There is clarification and the rest of the show is same Wonderpod different topics.


General Overview Is it worth dying, dying, and dying again for a grand action/adventure of epic proportions? That’s what developer Nigoro set out to found out. A remake of the 2005 cult classic, La-Mulana is everything an oldschool action/adventure title should be down to its very core. It also helps that the music is pretty […]

Better Late Than Never: Torchlight 2 (Impressions)

Welcome to the Better Late Then Never series. Basically it will be me looking at games that I have missed or put off long after release. While it may be old news is old to some, there is value in bringing up good games that I just got around to playing. Never know there might […]

Worms Revolution News Film Trailer

Ah the Worms are back at again. In 2D and just as cheeky as ever. The first Team 17 Worms game to cross my path was way back in the good old days of games. Essentially 10-15 years ago, give or take. The Worms franchise has had a lot of ups and downs since Worms […]

Return to ZorkReturn to ZorkReturn to Zork

General Overview Chock full of brainteasers, cheap deaths, instant “get stuck” situations, lots of cheezy FMVs, whimsical dialogue, and lots of laughs, Return to Zork is a game you’ll come back to again and again, but ultimately will probably need an FAQ to truly make any real progress. It’s fun, funny, has lots of great […]

You Love It, I Hate It – Super Meat Boy

A lot of people often look back at older NES titles and try to say that Ninja Gaiden and Ghosts n Goblins were among the toughest of the tough. While they’re not wrong, I don’t feel that there’s any part of these games that I could deem as unfair or even frustrating. Tough, sure. Requiring […]

Are Games Getting Too Casual?

This is something that’s been on my mind for a while and, while many may not care, it’s something that’s near and dear to me. Back in the 80s and most of the 90s, you’d play an action game that was about 5 stages in length, but chock full of retro goodness complete with an […]